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Key Performance Measurements
QiQ has the knowledge, experience and tools to help coach organization implementation of Quality Processes in your workflow from Supply Chain Management to Product or Service Delivery. Some measures of our succes include:
Loss Reduction
Increased Efficiency
Consistency Maintenance
Lower Staff Turnover
Industry Performance Measures
Decreased Costs
"Demonstrated an efficient capability to build quality systems and management structure that were directly linked to improving the financial success of our company!
-A Storey, Cangene Corp.

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Workflow/GAP Analysis, Process Mapping, IT Solutions...

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Prep/Review of CMC regulatory submissions, Training, Auditing, Quality Assurance
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Owner Joseph Wu discusses his views on everyday topics

QMS Services
GMP Services
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Qi (pronounced “Ch’i”) refers to “life force” in Chinese culture and frequently viewed as energy flow. QiQ (pronounced “Ch’i Q”) adopts the philosophy that Quality Management is a vital energy that flows through your organization. 

QiQ believes that the implementation and deployment of Quality Management in your organization is an integrated application of dynamic processes that when properly managed is self-renewing to benefit the organization as a whole.
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Need help with implementing a QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM (QMS)?

QiQ is conversant with regulations and standards including:

Good Manufacturing Practice Regulations (Canada, USA, EU, ICH)
Marihuana (Marijauna) for Medical Purposes (MMRP)
Medical Device Regulations
Quality Systems Regulations (QSR)
Natural Health Products Regulations (Dietary Supplements - US)