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"As a start-up heading for our first clinical trial with a new manufacturing technology, we knew it was critical to get the QA/QC right. Joseph joined our company and built a quality management system from the ground up specifically tailored to meet both the needs and budget of our small organization. Through his knowledge and experience we were able to navigate through the potential issues to successfully complete our cGMP campaign and IND fiing. Throughout the process he was more than a consultant, he was one of the team."

- J Boothe, SemBiosys Genetics Inc.

"Having worked with Joseph for many years, and having known him for over 20 years, his capabilities as a quality professional are quite significant. During his time at Cangene, he demonstrated an efficient capaility to build quality systems and management structure that were directly linked to improving the financial success of our company through reduced cycle times and reducing waste. The wealth of experience and knowledge that he brings to the table is very valuable in addressing a wide variety of challenges."

- A Storey, Cangene Corporation

"I've had the opportunity to work with Joseph on two separate occasions in my career.  Once as the CEO of KS Avicenna and again as the CEO of Radiant Technologies Inc. In both instances Joseph demonstrated an in depth knowledge of Quality Management Systems.  Joseph Wu is passionate about quality and fulfills his leadership role with integrity.  He brings with experience as a quality professional in the industry a wealth of content knowledge on the practical implementation of Quality Management Systems to the organization he works with"

- D Cox, Former CEO of Avicenna and Radient Technologies Inc.

I have known Joseph Wu for over five years as a result of the work he has done for SemBioSys Genetics Inc. We enlisted the services of Joseph Wu to build a QA/QC team for our first ever clinical trial due to our limited historical experience. Joseph did a tremendous job in building and further leading the team which he had built. He provided our internal team with the necessary skill set to execute on the standards required for clinical quality. Not only did Joseph assist with the success of clinical trial he also built great relationships with the Executive Team and most importantly, all levels of staff within the organization. We have high standards for the quality of work that we carry out and Joseph has had a significant influence in facilitating this.   

James Szarko, C.A., President & CEO, SemBioSys Genetics Inc.